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On the 13th August, we had the privilege of sharing Marks special day as he was Baptised in the River Anton that flows along the side of the Church in Bridge Street, Andover.
Everyone was excited, not just for Mark, but because the day was extra special as it was a first for both the church and Revd. Carmel, as a river baptism had not been done before.

Mark in the River Anton

Not only did we as a congregation welcome Mark into the Church family, but the Sunday shoppers and children stood and watched Mark receive his Baptism, and maybe this prompted the children to ask questions of their parents on what was happening and why.
Carmel gave a lovely service and Mark read out his testimony of his journey into accepting God into his life followed straight after by Marks confirmation into the Church family.


As we watched and shared in Marks joy, maybe it fetched back memories we have of our own journey into accepting God in our lives, and renewed the joy, the hope and the love of the Father that may have dimmed a little as the years have passed, and refreshed our hearts for the Lord, I know it fetched back lovely memories for me.


What a beautiful day for a Baptism the sun was shining and the ducks though confused by the intrusion into their water were quacking.

By the River Anton

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