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An Idea A Day For Advent

Much of 2020 has felt like we're stumbling in the dark. The Covid-19 pandemic has swept around the world with devastating effect — for some it has brought the pain of bereavement, for some the disruption of jobs lost, businesses wrecked and financial hardship, for others mental health issues triggered by the isolation of lockdown. For all of us, it's meant uncertainty about the future, and adjustment to a 'new normal' of social distancing, masks, health checks and huge change to our lives.

When so much has changed, and is uncertain, it's good to know that God's love for us is rock solid and unchanging. And the message of Christmas remains a free gift, full of hope and blessing: good news of great joy for ALL the people. There IS light at the end of the tunnel.

CPO's Share the Light campaign provides an opportunity to weave Advent into your daily routine. See the attached daily activity guide for suggestions, or, for further resources, look here: Christian Publishing & Outreach

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