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On this page we have a collection of prayers for those that need your special thoughts, either in the circuit or in the wider world. Please take a few minutes to pray for them, that God's peace and strength may be with them.

The Prayer of the Day is taken from the Prayer Handbook of the Methodist Church. If you would like to follow a daily bible study as well, please click here.

Prayer of the day

Let the door of our heart be always open to you, O Lord, that we may mark your entrance, embrace your presence, hear your voice, seek your strength and hold fast to you for ever. Amen.

Paul (Henry) Heath (1599-1643)

Loving God, you love, include and seek to redeem and transform all, whether individuals, communities or creation. Help us to trust that, wherever, however and whoever we are, there is a place for us within your love, and that this is equally true for our neighbours. Help us to see, as you see, that those who are different from us, or strangers amongst us, are still our neighbours. Help us to work out and live out every day what this might mean, by the grace and example of our Lord Jesus Christ; by the love, power and compassion of God; and by the inspiring, connecting presence of your Holy Spirit. Amen. 

James Tebbutt, Cumbria District Chair


Today marks five years since the Grenfell Tower tragedy. We come together and pray:

Faithful God,
We hold before you in prayer all those whose lives are torn apart by sudden, terrible events.
In particular we remember those affected by the Grenfell Tower fire five years ago.
We give thanks for the courage and dedication of those among the emergency services and first responders;
we think of those who continue to struggle with the loss of loved ones, and the wounds they still bear;
we stand alongside those who struggle for justice in the face of neglect, prejudice or cruelty.

And we pray, faithful God, for the coming of your kingdom, in which:
no one will live in fear or danger due to the kind of home they live in
all will enjoy access to genuinely affordable housing
and all our communities will be strengthened and flourish.

Give us hope.
Lead us from places of suffering and death to ones of new life and renewal, though Jesus Christ our Saviour. Amen.

🙏 Prayer by Revd Mike Long, Notting Hill Methodist Church

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