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On this page we have a collection of prayers for those that need your special thoughts, either in the circuit or in the wider world. Please take a few minutes to pray for them, that God's peace and strength may be with them.

The Prayer of the Day is taken from the Prayer Handbook of the Methodist Church. If you would like to follow a daily bible study as well, please click here.

Prayer of the day

Blessed be the love which chose us before the foundation of the world. Blessed be the grace that saved us before the world began. Blessed be the glory prepared for us from all eternity. Blessed be God for ever and blessed be his glorious name! Amen.

Charles Haddon Spurgeon (1834-1892)

Father God, help me this day to accept your free gift of salvation.
I can't earn it and I'll never deserve it.
Help me to accept, use and rejoice in all your transforming blessings so freely given. Amen.

Vickie Middleton, Gnosall Methodist Chapel, Stafford Circuit

Prayer for the Young People attending 3Generate

Loving God of every generation,
we thank you for the work that has once again made 3Gen a reality.
We pray that each person attending 3Gen has their faith strengthened
by their encounter in worship with the God of love, hope and peace
and their friendship with one another.
We pray for safety in travel for all those who will go to Southport
and patience and wisdom for all who will be in leadership
in the course of the weekend.

We pray that, once again, the children and young people
of the Methodist Church will be inspired and encouraged
through your Holy Spirit
to challenge the church out of complacency
to be the Kingdom of God on earth in the 21st century.


A Prayer for our Street Pastors

Lord God, Creator of all things,
By love you came to this world in Jesus
Who shows us the way to live and behave,
And calls us to act with justice
To Love Mercy and to walk humbly
As God centred people,
United in the name of Jesus.

For those called to minister on the streets as Street Pastors,
Lord, we give you thanks for their vision.
As they build up good relationships with those who seek the world's enjoyments
We ask your blessing.
We especially pray for those who have responded to go into the streets of our town,
And for those who pastor them with prayer.
We ask that you will raise up others to respond to this Ministry here.
We pray too for protection on the streets,
For good relations with the Police, the taxi services and Paramedics
And for understanding by security staff on the doors of the clubs and bars.
Bless each one as they share the good news of Jesus
Taking the Christlight before them,
Sharing stories and most of all listening to those they meet.
In the name of Christ.

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