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On this page we have a collection of prayers for those that need your special thoughts, either in the circuit or in the wider world. Please take a few minutes to pray for them, that God's peace and strength may be with them.

The Prayer of the Day is taken from the Prayer Handbook of the Methodist Church. If you would like to follow a daily bible study as well, please click here.

Prayer of the day

O Holy Spirit, breath of all creatures, purifier of all souls and healer of all wounds; be fire to our heart, light to our path and friend for our journey. Amen.

Hildegard of Bingen (1098-1179)

Lord Jesus, in you we find the good news of the gospel:

Renew us through our worship of you,
Enable us to find our place in your kingdom,
Send us out as your servants,
Put us in the right place to share the good news,
Open our hearts and those of others to hear your words,
Never let us cease to proclaim your name, and
Deepen our discipleship as we continue to serve you.

In each and every way may our lives respond to you. Amen

Paul Davis, Lancashire District Chair

A Prayer for Brexit

The prayer was written by Rev Dr Martin Johnstone, Secretary to the Church and Society Council of the Church of Scotland. It is of especial relevance as we approach the extraordinary sitting of Parliament on October 19th.

who in Jesus,
broke down all barriers,
between people of different races
rich and poor,
male and female,
Jew and Gentile,
between heaven and earth,
we worship you.

at this time of heavy responsibility,
as decisions about future relationships
with our neighbours in Europe are being taken,
we pray for our leaders:
that they will lead wisely;
that they will listen attentively;
that they will exercise grace;
and that they will know peace
in their deliberations.

at this time of uncertainty,
within our nations and communities,
we pray for ourselves:
that we will remain open to the stranger;
welcoming to the neighbour;
and committed to those who struggle.

we pray for your church of which we are a part:
that we might be a place of honest reflection;
respectful dialogue;
open friendship;
humility and reconciliation.
We pray that
we might be a community that points to heaven,
and shows ways in which heaven is glimpsed on earth.

who in Jesus,
breaks down all barriers,
between people of different races
rich and poor,
male and female,
Jew and Gentile,
between heaven and earth,
we worship you.

A prayer for the people who died in the lorry found in Essex

A prayer from the President and Vice-President of the Methodist Conference

for unknown people who have died in a lorry
for unknown suffering to family and friends
we pray with heartbreak and sorrow


we know this should never happen
we know that behind the headlines there is an unheard story of despair
we know that we have overlooked things we should have seen
we know that as individuals and a society we need to change

for God's sake
bring us to our knees in contrition
and to our feet with outrage

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