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On this page we have a collection of prayers for those that need your special thoughts, either in the circuit or in the wider world. Please take a few minutes to pray for them, that God's peace and strength may be with them.

The Prayer of the Day is taken from the Prayer Handbook of the Methodist Church. If you would like to follow a daily bible study as well, please click here.

Prayer of the day

Love of the heart of Jesus, inflame us; strength of the heart of Jesus, uphold us; wisdom of the heart of Jesus, teach us; will of the heart of Jesus, guide us; zeal of the heart of Jesus, consume us, now and for ever. Amen.

Saint John Eudes (1601-1680)

Loving God, we long for a world transformed, where justice and peace reign,
where people live joyfully with variety and difference,
where every person is honoured and all are welcomed.
Renew in us the vision of your kingdom,
free us from selfish interests and all that hinders your liberating love,
and empower us to pray and work for the new heaven and the new earth.
In Jesus' name. Amen.

Roger Walton, Yorkshire West District Chair

A prayer for the people of Sri Lanka, written by Steve Pearce, Partnership Co-ordinator for Asia and the Pacific, World Church Relationships of the Methodist Church.

Creator God, who loves peace and concord,
We bring before you the people of Sri Lanka.
Just as your Son suffered betrayal and agony on Good Friday,
They have faced brutality and violence on Easter Day.
May the church and hotel communities who have faced attack, find reassurance and healing;
May the bereaved friends and families, find consolation after tears,
May those who believe terrorism changes things, discover the power of love and hope.
Loving God, who hates nothing you have made,
We bring before you the divisions we have created,
Ethnic, religious, national, class and many more.
May we be hopeful rather than harsh,
May we avoid the barbed word in favour of affirming phrases,
May we offer a smiling eye rather than an uncaring glance.
Compassionate God, who brings healing and peace for all,
Look now on the bereaved, the injured and the fearful in Sri Lanka.
We pray in the name of Jesus, friend and companion.

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