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Dear Friends

Some of us are old enough to remember the BT adverts shown on television with the slogan, "It's good to talk..." As I reflect on the readings for the coming Sundays – one of which is Trinity Sunday – and the nature of the relationship between Father, Son and Holy Spirit, I am reminded that the Trinity (which is only mentioned twice in the New Testament) is not so much an abstract theological formula as an expression of our relationship with God. Relationships flourish when there is communication between the parties involved. Even in technological age, I still believe that talking face to face is still the most effective means of sharing conversation because every part of us is then involved – how many times have we sent emails/texts or made phone calls which have been misunderstood because the recipient couldn't see the expression our face or the gesture that accompanied the message?

I have recently rediscovered a version of the opening of John's gospel which gives much food for thought:

"It all arose out of a conversation, conversation within God, in fact the conversation was God. So God started the discussion, and everything came out of this, and nothing happened without consultation. This was the life, life that was the light of all people, shining in the darkness, a darkness which neither understood nor quenched its creativity. John, a man sent by God, came to remind people about the nature of the light so that they would observe. He was not the subject under discussion, but the bearer of an invitation to join in.

The subject of the conversation, the original light, came into the world, the world that had arisen out of his willingness to converse. He fleshed out the words, but the world did not understand. He came to those who knew the language, but they did not respond. Those who did became a new creation (his children). They read the signs and responded. These children were born out of sharing in the creative activity of God. They heard the conversation still going on, here, now, and took part, discovering a new way of being people.

To be invited to share in a conversation about the nature of life was for them, a glorious opportunity not to be missed."

(Clive Scott 2001)

May we not miss glorious opportunities for conversation in the weeks ahead as we meet visitors and friends alike across the summer months and may they be Godly conversations!


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