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March 2021 – Found

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bowl and towel

As we journey through Lent, may these symbols be reminders of the road Jesus took. The road of pain and suffering, the path of self-giving love. May they also remind us of the suffering of the world and challenge us to respond.

This image of a towel and basin are reminders of Jesus' humility and the way he washed the feet of his friends. We remember all who are homeless today, thinking of those for whom basic needs, such as a place to wash and sleep are not available.

Lord Jesus
As you suffered, so many in our world still suffer today.
Challenge us to make a difference through our actions and our prayers. Amen.

As we continue to move through the period of Lent, perhaps finding time to reflect deeply on what it really means to be a follower of Jesus Christ in our current circumstances and context in the twenty-first century, I share with you this poem which was sent to me... The poem invites us to "pay attention to what it means to be truly human," acknowledging our relationship to the world – both as loving it and being terrified by it.

Frederick Buechner – Found

Maybe it's all utterly meaningless.
Maybe it's all unutterably meaningful.
If you want to know which,
pay attention to
what it means to be truly human
in a world that half the time
we're in love with
and half the time
scares the hell out of us.

The unexpected sound of your name on somebody's lips.
The good dream.
The strange coincidence.
The moment that brings tears to your eyes.
The person who brings life to your life.

Even the smallest events hold the greatest clues.

Frederick Buechner is an American writer, novelist, poet, autobiographer, essayist, preacher, and theologian. He is an ordained Presbyterian minister.

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